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November 22 2017 The ETI Kryo XLRs Copper litz wire; ETI Kryo Low Mass Connectors (RCA or XLR/balanced) Cotton sleeving for ideal dielectric behavior; Shielded cables have a braided, tinned copper shield; Click the “Technical” link (thumbnail, below) for more details. Specifications: Effective Wire Gauge: 24.5; Maximum length: 2m; Capacitance – RCA All contact pins of both the male and female XLR are milled in one piece. The signal connections of the Cryo XLR connector must be soldered. Cables with a diameter of up to 14 mm. can be easily applied. The Kryo XLR connectors are supplied as a set. (1x Male and 1x Female).- 2020-04-24 · The Kryo refers to cryogenic treatment of the connectors.

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The cabling, too, is cryogenically treated, hence the IC Cryo in the product name. I point out that I have often had issues with XLR connectors getting loose or not locking properly, but not with these Audio Art cables! These were the nicest XLR terminations I have ever worked with. Top ETI Kryo XLR male en female - tellurium koper, verzilverd : ETI Kryo Serie De ETI Kryo Serie omvat zes modellen; RCA, XLR male, XLR female, Banana, Spade en Amplifier Binding Post.

All connections are screw fit allowing for e ETI Research Kryo XLR Male Plug 新的ETI-Research Kryo XLR插頭是 ETI-Research首次製作此類型的插頭,母插頭的針腳厚度經過了多次CNC加工才達到ETI-Research認可的最佳聲音表現。 市面上已經有一些使用不同的銅材種類製造的XLR插頭可供選擇,但大部份插頭的公針腳使用了太多的質量,導致電容量過多 The ETI-Research Kryo XLR has both the Male and Female Connectors CNC machine with a wall thickness of 0.6mm and made form Tellurium Copper for the durability which is important for long term usage.

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With pinpoint CNC machining to ensure the female connection is at an exact thickness, and conductive components made from silver plated tellurium copper, Kryo delivers the best possible high-fidelity audio performance, plus long-lasting durability. Jual ETI RESEARCH KRYO XLR male connector ( 2 pcs ) dengan harga Rp2.885.000 dari toko online Audiophile's, Jakarta Barat. Cari produk Kabel & Konektor Audio lainnya di Tokopedia. Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di Tokopedia.

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We also made sure like the rest of the range that it also has been applied a Cryogenically treatment to a specific audio formula.

Eti kryo xlr

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Eti kryo xlr

ETI Research Kryo XLRs. Silver-plated copper - fast gaining a reputation of being the best XLR available worldwide Please note that the cotton sleeving shown in the photograph is currently unavailable. Black techflex style sleeving is being used The new ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector is the first time ETI-Research have made this type of connector. It has taken some time for CNC machining to get to the point that the female connection can be machined to the thickness ETI-Research believes is the best for sound Quality. The ETI-Research Kryo XLR will be released next week and we hope that you who use XLR’s will consider what this can do for your Audio System The IACS Rating of Metals and Alloys We will be at the Munich Audio Show Halle3 Booth J04 ETI Kryo XLR Buchse /XLR Stecker ETI bringt nun auch wesentliche Verbesserung der Klangqualität bei symmetrischen XLR-Steckverbindungen.

The ETI-Research Nexus XLR Connector offers the outstanding quality you would expect from ETI-Research.
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ETI Research Kryo XLR Female, pris/st - LUKASEparts

Een CNC productieproces maakt het mogelijk overbodig materiaal weg te frezen. Een robuuste connector met weinig massa is het De ETI Kryo RCA is een hoogwaardige connector met erg goede mechanische en klankmatige eigenschappen.

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CHF 238.00. KRYOXLRM2. 2x ETI Kryo XLR-Stecker. CHF 139.00. KRYOXLRF2. ETI Research's Kryo XLR is a high-performance audio connector offering innovations and refinements in abundance! With pinpoint CNC machining to ensure  Dan kan een test met de ETI Kryo XLR connector natuurlijk niet achterblijven.