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That will give you 40 width divisions with SHITLOAD of punch and very quick as well. Sure, that goes for single player as you won't be having … 2016-07-26 - Best support are recon, artillery and trenches. As for tank divisions: - 20 width 6/4 tanks/motorized divisions for attack (can be either light, medium or heavy) - 40 width 15/5 tanks/motorized division for attack (can be either light, medium or heavy) - Lighter tanks are faster and cheaper to produce but also have less armor and less damage. 2017-05-13 20 width motorized divisions have great speed and good enough defense to hold gaps opened up by my medium tank divisions. Motorized divisions can also rush in from other parts of the front to plug gaps opened by the enemy. I use 20 or even better 40 width medium tank divisions to break through lines. 40 width armored template.

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As for tank divisions: - 20 width 6/4 tanks/motorized divisions for attack (can be either light, medium or heavy) - 40 width 15/5 tanks/motorized division for attack (can be either light, medium or heavy) - Lighter tanks are faster and cheaper to produce but also have less armor and less damage. The armor divisions will be 2x2 armor +2 motorized or mechanized, and the motorized divisions will be 2x2 or 3x2 motorized + 2 or 3 mobile artillery. Give them a narrow front battle plan, and let them go. The Armor will punch a hole through as a spear head, and the motorized divisions will fill the holes and hold the line effectively. - 40 width 13/4/1 divisions with 1 heavy tank destroyer aka "Space Marines" (banned in multiplayer) - Best support are recon, artilery and trenches.

What other common or good division templates you know in 2020?

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Hoi4 Best German Division. Download Anytrans For Windows.

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Hoi4 best motorized division

You could make that just 200 Motorized … 2016-12-10 Hoi4 7 infantry and 2 artillery battalions good starter division but is completely outclassed by 40 width divisions in almost every situation hearts of iron 4 german motorized division historical template 1942 above is my heavy tank division for canada as you can see it a monster just smashing through enemy lines where 20 width wouldn t.

Hoi4 best motorized division

Where and How to Edit Division Templates Best Division Template Hoi4 2020 You can edit division templates by going to:Recruit & Deploy -> Then click 'Edit' on the desired division. Each division has a division template.Here is an example of a 7 Infantry - 2 Artilery division template: Reset-> Reset the edits you've made but haven't saved. Duplicate Hoi4 Mechanized Vs Motorized Upgrade To Mech; Hoi4 Mechanized Vs Motorized Manual Control Of; Continue this thread level 1 6 points 4 years ago Cheaper to produce so they can give you substantial soft attack to tank divisions while costing less to produce Increased softness decreases hard attack susceptibility 3.Try making a few motorised only divisions. 2021-04-01 · Of all the Paradox titles to deploy massive mods libraries, none might compare with the whopping collection of over 20,000 Hearts of Iron IV Mods.. On top of the base game’s famously deep and complex set of systems and interactions, its open-ended sandbox version of World War Two has proven extremely fertile ground for modders to create alternate histories, ultra-detailed scenarios covering Hoi4 Best Marine Division Full Estimate Would; From the heart of the battlefield to the command center, you will guide your nation to glory and wage war, negotiate or invade.
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Hoi4 best motorized division

HOI4 does a much better job of simulating coastal defenses and invasions than earlier iterations, you really need more than just the ports themselves defended to hold off a determined naval invasion. By the way tension level is 210888% - the scale of 0% to 100% is a bit dubious. Hearts of Iron IV Division Template 2020 Basic Templates. 40 Width Anti-Tank Infantry.

10 infantry + Supports, Good for poor minors or defense. 8 Infantry +1 Art +1 AT, an alternative to the 7/2 with some piercing. Germany starts off with approximately 30 divisions, 24 of them being full infantry with support companies, which are already trained to the highest possible level. For the time being I recommend grouping them into one full army and putting them on the border with France, as they will be useful later on to hold the frontline against the French attackers, when we go to war with them.
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Steam Workshop::Hearts of Iron 4 [Best of Japanese Selection MOD]

40 width 15/5 division > 15 medium tank and 5 motorized battalions. In combat it doesn’t offer anything and is pretty neglectable.

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Top Division Templates - Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) - YouTube. For your references, there is another 36 Similar images of hoi4 best division templates that Vena Altenwerth uploaded you can see below : This Motorized Infantry Hoi4 uploaded by Vena Altenwerth from public domain that can find it from google or other search engine and it’s posted under topic hoi4 best division templates . 2017-05-13 · Hoi4 Best Division Templates Italy However, this bonus increases by an additional 5% per level (for 10%, 15%, and 20%, respectively). This allows reliability improvements to equipment that normally cannot be upgraded. Mechanized are the most significant, but also motorized, all of the towed weapons, and support equipment.